Patient Testimonials

"I’m very impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of Dr. Nelson and his staff! For years I suffered from severe foot and leg pain and I had seen several doctors, but no one was able to anything for me. I was then referred to Proactive Heart and Vascular where I was diagnosed and had several treatments on the veins legs. After a few treatments the pain in my legs and feet had diminished considerably and skin color was starting to look normal again. Half way through my treatments I went to see my primary care provider to show the progress Dr. Nelson has made on my legs and she was very impressed on the change. Thank you Dr. Nelson for improving my quality of life!" -Scott M.

" Dr. Nelson is a fantastic doc. I've seern him several times now and he and all the staff are amazing!" -Brenda S.

"I am pleased to share with you my experience at Proactive Heart and Vascular. I have just completed a series of treatments for my varicose veins that have improved my leg’s appearance; reduced the swelling; and eliminated their throbbing pain.The overall staff at Proactive are trained and seasoned professionals; trained in the exploratory process. Dr. Nelson ensures your treatment is specific to your needs and targets those areas for optimal results. I have had many treatments on my veins over the last 25 years, and his results have the most effective." -Mary C.

"The staff provided excellent care. My fears were calmed and the procedures were performed in great timing." -Valerie W.

"Dr. Nelson and his staff are amazing! I received an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan for my leg pain and swollen ankles. (I had previously received expensive, ineffective leg treatments from another vein center in Memphis) The staff is professional, knowledgable and accommodating. Dr. Nelson is caring and compassionate. I have been a nurse for 30 years and my legs feel better now than they have in years!" -Susan